Restoration of a fine timepiece is often a debatable topic. Here at
  J.M.S. Watch Werks we strive to hold a delicate balance between restoring a timepiece and preserving a timepiece. We prefer to only restore components of a watch that may be actually restored to original condition. The rest of the watch is considered under a conservation approach. We do not upgrade watches that are to be restored, if at all possible.

Often so called "restoration work" covers bluing screws that were originally polished. Simply polishing screws that are scratched, without conserving the original dimensions of the screw, can be detrimental to a timepiece's integrity. Care needs to be taken to maintain original features such as the bevels on a screw head or the relation of the screw head to it surrounding parts. The color of the blue on a part can be critical as well. A rich "watchmaker's blue" may look nice by today's standards but might not be original to the watch. Imperfections in the bluing are a characteristic of its creator and can display a certain skill level or denote a difference in components such as dial foot screws or eccentric studs.

Each original part speaks volumes about its creator, carrying on its surface details of it’s intended value or purpose when manufactured. Some timepieces are finished through and through, displaying the lavish touch of its creator only to the next watchmaker lucky enough to service such a marvelous piece.

Other timepieces show the care and attention of its creator was focused on aesthetics that an owner may see such as elaborate decoration of the plates or a fancy dial. Neither of these approaches is better than the other, just different. Each manufacturing direction is aimed at achieving a set of goals, often completely different. A mass produced watch should therefore be judged by a different standard than an observatory timepiece or an experimental movement.
This is why at   J.M.S. Watch Werks we strive to maintain the timepiece as it was intended when manufactured.

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