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We are watchmakers that specialize in doing watch repair the right way. From our well organized modern repair shop to our continuing education, we make sure every job is done to the best quality possible.

  •  Cleanliness is a leading cause of early watch failure. Because of this, our shop utilizes H.E.P.A. filtration and our benches are equipped with pencil vacuums for those stray pieces of dust.


  • As environmentally conscious professionals, we strive to find new ways to reduce our impact on our health and our environment.  We use biodegradable non toxic cleaning solvents in most applications to replace the old hazardous chemicals commonly used.  We have not completely abandoned harsh chemicals because our number one goal is high quality work but we have drastically reduced their need through equally effective alternatives.


  • Though our number one goal is quality workmanship, we try to remain flexible to the needs of the customer and the watch in question as long as we can honorably stand behind the quality of the repair.


  • We take pride in our level of refinishing skill. Most places shine up polished areas and re-satin satin areas during a refinish. We call this a touch up. When we refinish a case or bracelet we try to bring the watch back to as close to original condition as possible. However, there may be large dents or deep scratches that cannot be removed without compromising the shape or integrity of the piece. Other pieces with certain delicate finishes or materials may need to remain in existing condition. Please check with us if you have any questions as refinishing is always a case by case basis.


  • Estimates can be a source of frustration and confusion for customers.  We try to reduce this by getting our estimates as accurate as possible. To do this we disassemble and partially clean every watch prior to estimating. This allows us the ability to properly inspect the components for necessary work. This also means the customer only pays for what is really needed to service their watch and not some fluffy padding.


  • We work on a wide variety of makes and models of watches. Due to the hundreds of different brands and thousands of different models, we do not give a giant detailed list of what we do and don’t work on.  We find that each watch is an individual based upon its condition and time since last service.  Also, many brands do not sell parts for particular models while others are readily available. This means all repairs are a case by case basis.  Limited service is available with some brands; please contact us with any questions.  repair@jmswatchwerks.com

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